HighC 2.2

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  • Paint and listen to the final result in few moments


  • Difficult to create good music

Not bad

Have you ever thought of combining music and graphic art? You might have tried to paint after being inspired by some music, but I guess you won’t have seen a program that creates sounds, based on your drawings. This is the kind of software I hope my flatmate will never discover!

HighC lets you use different types of special brushes whose signs on the pentagram can be read by the program as notes of a song. The results of my experiments were rather funny and all I managed to get was a sound that reminded me of the ‘voice’ of R2-D2, the little cute robot from Star Wars.

You can even export your creation as an image file, apply sound effects and play around with different types of settings. I can’t guarantee you will move a lot further than the funny little robot ‘voice’ of the George Lucas’ character, but you can try at least. To be more honest, it’s really proper drawings which we are talking about, but more hieroglyphic-style signs or a kind of bad Japanese writing i.

Whether you love Star Wars or better still, you like the idea of ‘drawing music’, give HighC a try and see what you can create with the power of your signs.

HighC is a graphical music creation tool. It is a synthesizer, a sequencer and a mixer. Its goal is to make music composition as simple and direct as sketching. An entertaining and educational tool…

No music experience needed: create stunning soundscapes and crazy ringtones in a matter of minutes. Learn acoustics, music theory and audio synthesis with a gentle, graphic approach. Even children learn and have fun. For simple learning or fun usage, it's free!
that meets demanding professional needs

Master advanced synthesis techniques: FM, ring mod, additive, granular, and much more. No complex dashboards of knobs, dials and connectors with unpredictable effects. No programming. Just draw to unleash your creativity!



HighC 2.2

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